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" The more I read the Guide, the more I realize the incredible depth possible with this deck – especially when you understand that you’re working with real energies here – not just cards with interesting pictures and names. I’m still making my way through the book, but at this juncture I feel confident to stop and write what I can of this review today. "
" The artwork is stunning. The concept is intruiging. The possibilities for discovering in-depth solutions feels infinite. The oracle blends energies not only in its structure but in the artwork itself. The shift from the starting reading to the “Information Angel” is fascinating. I love the color mapping concept. "~ Tarot Explorer

" To my great joy, the cards have now been published! Printed in Malaysia, the vibrant colors do great justice to the intent behind this divination system ..... this is a unique deck that will open up individual understanding of ones world. "~ Bonnie Cehovet

the Nomadic Oracle pack and guidebook for sale

The Nomadic Oracle ~ The 56-card pack is made up of:

41 aspects - Families and Realms which illuminate the energies within the issue, the 'story' or the narrative.

10 Senses and Elements & Spirits cards.

3 cards devoted to the Infinite Self

2 Jesters

All spreads established through the system proposed in the Guide are initially described by their energy, rather than by personalities and interests which may exist in the flux beyond the 'self'. This may lead the practitioner to discover a fresh and deeply harmonious new way of seeing the world.

The Nomadic Oracle is an independent and secular contemporary work which can bring deep insight into traditional methods of Seeing. It is an extraordinarily dynamic tool in the art of personal empowerment through future guidance.

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a Guide to the Nomadic Oracle heading
Written & Illustrated by Jon MallekPublished by

The Guide includes a brief description of the 'map' - the Cosmology, a five-page Quick Guide to the Pack, complete explanations of the relationships between the Senses and the 'Elements & Spirits' - seen by the Oracle as representing fundamental or distinct forms of energy - and full descriptions of all the individual cards, the Families and the Realms.

There is clear evidence that color-mapping or the use of a diary or journal may often extend and sustain the interpretation of an established reading.

Please note:

The Nomadic Oracle consists of the Pack and the Guidebook. Neither item is available separately.

"a Guide to the Nomadic Oracle" by Jon Mallek

~ a beautifully illustrated companion
to the Nomadic Oracle deck.

144-pages | 9x6" | fully illustrated in color | isbn -10 145370521X

An Oracle or a Tarot?

It is not always possible to avoid describing things in the negative. The Oracle in no way resembles a tarot. It does not defer to a Romano-Judeo-Christian heritage nor even to the earlier Egyptian roots. It connects strongly to the Book of Changes in terms of placing the receptive and creative principles and is tantric, both in seeking a relationship between the senses, the elements and the aura, and in seeing an animist relationship between our own Spirit energies and those of nature. In all other respects it is an independent work, tuned to the realities and complexities of living in the 21st Century.

In one sense ambient studio is the creative heart-space of Jon Mallek. The description however falls far short of a reality - that it is important to make and to think within the 'multiplicity'. A studio which is truly a Sanctuary can point to a place in time and in other ways it may be both global and ephemeral. The intention is to live a life only through direct experience, guided entirely by synchronicity, and to invite the Universe to write the script. And, from time to time, to welcome others to collaborate and to explore a very different way of seeing the world. This works powerfully well. For the curious, some pictures can be found on this site. ambient studio narratives and more images are and will continue to be posted on the forum.

Jon Mallek bio-notes
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Author, Artist, Dreamer

For 20 years Mallek was a teacher - facilitator - in a University Art College the UK, and an installation artist with an extensive record of national and international appearances including a prestigious exhibition in Zaragosa, Spain.

He is academically published by the University of the Obscure and has worked with both artists and sociologists in international presentations of future awareness. A reader of Felix Guattari he has spent the last 6 years of his life re-territorialised on the gypsy energies of the nomadic studying animist consciousness and human energy, mainly in S E Asia.

Idiomatic Idiocy and the Return of a Dreamer

The 'Library of the Mind' tags knowledge in categories - we know them as Idioms. It may be said that an over-observance of Idioms can cause blindness. It is clearly an artist's authentic responsibility to make the invisible visible, if able to do so, and to catch a glimpse what lives outside of the box, between the lines and far beyond the idiom.

A shaman's ability, called Recapitulation, allows a practitioner to consider the past from the perspective of a higher awareness sometimes deeply embedded in the subconscious. This is a present-time trance/meditation devoid of emotional or other energy blocks and may take practice and external stimulation to achieve. Letting go at this level requires a form of complete disintegration. It works very well but only if separated from any construction of the intellect such as the container-like energies of Idiom and Belief.

By walking nomadically and by removing himself from his habitual flux - the urban/'western' illusion, Mallek was guided towards a series surprising discoveries which now form the basis to the Oracle. He also discovered that he has always been a natural 'Dreamer' and that any descriptions of such are inaccurate if they confuse "Dreamers" with "dreaming". Successful writers are often innate 'Trackers' and it is easy to see why the present, closing Era, which has been described as "Tracker dominated", has avoided cultural clarity about the values of self-taught, asymmetric, chaos-engaged, circular thinking 'Dreamer' energies.
This is unfortunate for humanity as the Dreamer is an archetype - one of a pair.

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Strange Famlies and Magic Realms

Aspects of this Realm introduce into the Oracle an organic, natural energy of self-learning and thoughts of an active path to greater consciousness.
The 5 members of the Family of Transition live in the House of Change. Through their respective forms of energy, they often point to a turbulence in the flux.
Emotions: from the residual dramas of childhood to grief and despair. The card Inner Child suggests protection even from the raw power of the emotional body.
Guidance comes in many ways and at different speeds. Flying Lessons, the Fire card in this Realm, may talk of information which requires immediate action.
The Realm responds to a range of issues from abject possession to core values and a Circle of Silence which may contain many untold secrets.
The three cards of the Infinite Self bring to the Oracle the female and the male principles which develop, though the State of Grace, as Receptive and Creative guidance.
The Earth position here is occupied by the 'twins of Gaia' - an overwhelming love for the Planet but also a Process for which we have had less respect.
The suggestion that relaxation is needed or that Time itself may be folded or illusionary. The Water card, related to the mind, calls for Gathering over time.
Represented in this family are the two human archetypes. Trackers and Dreamers. The return of the Dreamers is predicted at the ending of the current Era.
Incoming energy from beyond the 'bubble' or hot spots from within the flux and may reflect the energies of Action, Thought, Grounding, Communication.
The Senses begin with whatever is being received. Their direction is outwards through time and upwards through intent towards the Creative.
One of the more curious aspects of the Nomadic Oracle is that it appears to come complete with a pair of Jokers. The Jesters however make a unique and highly significant contribution to the Oracle.
A Card to Represent an Oracle.
In the Book of Changes it is the 'Sage' -
in the Nomadic Oracle, 'Rainbow Bridge'.
The unique, magical qualities of an Oracle may start with its ability to name itself.

Rainbow Bridge
Consciousness in the Realm of Time
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Rainbow Bridge card in the Nomadic Oracle
Boxes for the Limited Edition of the Nomadic Oracle
painting: the Blue Angel
hibiscus flowers
Discernment - the Sense of Taste

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